Plunkhead thinks that we may need a new post to solve the way way back machine problems, ergo, a new post. I will posit my thoughts on how to fix the Raiders without using a single cap dollar, a single draft choice or a single trade. Hire Lance Kiffin, there, I said it, and before you poo poo, hear me out.

While Jon is a great offensive mind, he tends to be a tad predictable, a bit conservative and a little obstinate. There are few coaches that can script the opening plays as well as he can, yet, once the script has been acted out, things tend to slow down. In comes Lane. Anyone that has, like I, watched Lane over the past decade knows he is a top talent calling plays, regardless of his weapons.

Here is how it works. Lane is making around $4mm at Ole Miss, chump change to Mark. Gruden’s schtick tends to grow old, anyone that remembers his last year with Oakland would agree. Hire Lane as Offensive Coordinator, let Jon script the opening drives, but Lane has full play calling responsibility from there on out. Jon can keep his headset, but this will allow him to manage the game more effectively, maybe even learn how to challenge plays and use timeouts more effectively. No one is going to be more aggressive in play calling than Lane, he has proven that over the last decade as a coordinator and head coach. Like it or not, Al was correct about him, he was just too much of a punk to take advantage of his first go with the team.

Now, why would Lane take a coordinator job, more money notwithstanding: Because, in a few years, my guess would be around year six of Jon’s ten year contract, Lane becomes head coach. Mark converts the remaining salary on his contract to an equity position and names Jon President of Football Operations, Marc Badain gets bumped up to CEO, and the Raiders are set for another decade of uninterrupted leadership.

That’s right folks, Lance, once a Raider, always a Raider.